What To Do With the Rest of Your Life

Whatever you love, somebody is making a living doing that very thing. Entrepreneurship is the wave of the future. You can learn to earn your living by living your dream. What To Do With the Rest of Your Life is a three-day coaching experience designed to assist you in finding the pieces of your life puzzle and then putting them together to design the career and lifestyle that fits you. As the jobs continue to disappear, you will be one of those fortunate people who has the tools to build your own future.


Every person has something that they can do supremely well, the thing they were born to do. If you find your vital function, and create the support system that allows you to perform that function freely, you can earn a good living, because you will be delivering tangible value to your fellow human beings. But, most people have lost touch with what they love, and have given up hope of reaching that kind of fulfillment.


The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts

Your interviews are the most essential part of this course because that’s where you begin to discover unexpected desires and hidden talents. This workshop uses a simple feedback process to stimulate your curiosity, awaken your imagination and start your engines. When you look at comparative video images of the left and right sides of your face, your brain begins to feed back and re-adjust itself. You learn how to notice what activities light you up. The actions that ignite your aliveness provide clues to help you assemble pieces of your life puzzle. As you discover your passions, they begin to awaken hidden abilities.


You leave the workshop with a working hypothesis for a new life, and with new friends who are interested in your success. Sage University created the What To Do With the Rest of Your Life course to help people transition from the job economy to the free agent entrepreneur economy. Here is where you will find the courage to listen to your own wisdom and to make choices you won’t regret when you reflect back on your life. 


Coming to Chicago!


Friday, January 30        7-10pm

Saturday, January 31    2-10pm

Sunday, Februrary 1     2-10pm


Only $250!




"Carly is not only one of the best coaches that I know, but also one of the finest people I have ever met.  We have been working together for over 10 years now and I have watched her create miracles in her private life and with her associates.  Carly doesn’t only teach these communication tools, she lives them. I would recommend that anybody who wants a better connection with men, take the How To Talk to Men seminar with Dr. Carly Smith." ~ Mia Sage, CEO Sage University