The NEW 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge!

Dr. Carly’s 30-Day Health & Weight Loss Challenge


“Finding true health and weight loss through pleasure!”


If losing weight and being healthy was easy, everyone would be fit and lean.  It takes time, commitment and most of all support.  Knowing what to eat and how to work out is not enough. 


Encouragement, motivation, accountability and support are the missing links for most people.  Have you ever been the only one in your house trying to eat healthy and lose weight?  Watching everyone else eat a certain way while you count calories and eat salad at every meal becomes frustrating and depriving. 


Dr. Carly’s 30 Day Health & Weight Loss Challenge gives you the support you need to reach your goals. 


·      30 Days of Meal Plans and Recipes

  • An introductory coaching session with Dr. Carly to set your goals and design a plan of action
  • Weekly Check Ins to share stories, trouble shoot challenges and support each other in Chicago or via Google Hangout
  • Weekly classes of dancing, movement, bodywork and fun ways to get in shape
  • A community forum where you can vent, share your milestones with women going for the same goals, support and encourage other women to keep going.
  • Weekly cooking videos for Recipes Made Easy
  • Unlimited email support
  • Daily emails filled with motivation, recipes, frequently asked questions, fitness tips, nutrition tips, stress tips and just plain fun!
  • 30-Day supply of supplements to help curb your cravings and fight hunger.


      Women reach goals more when they have intimate support.  Include a friend or loved one on this journey with you and reach your goals together! 


You can have the health and the body you desire and we want to help you get it!


First Challenge Start Date:                 October 1-October 30th

Program Price:                                  $150

Introductory Price:                            $100 (Register by September 30th)

Bring a Friend:                                  $25 off for each friend you register


Call Dr. Carly for more details at (708) 288-1514.


Ready to change your life?  Register Here!

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