Coaching From the Heart

You can learn the tools of professional coaching in one week. Learning-by-doing is the most effective, fun way to learn coaching skills.

There are plenty of courses that teach outmoded programming skills and techniques that dwell on your past. But coaching is more than self-improvement. Overcoming limitations is good, but it doesn’t release your passion and potential.


Coaching from the Heart goes beyond academic learning and problem solving. You will find yourself coaching your classmates so quickly and naturally that your worried mind won’t have a chance to interfere with your natural abilities.


If you want to earn your living as a coach, this course will show you how. Or you can use these communication tools to be a better parent, teacher, or friend.


Coaching is as simple as driving a car. The key is in opening your heart to   appreciate people. Beyond that all you need is a little practice to avoid the habit of giving advice and criticizing your clients.


If you are a novice, this course will give you the skills and the confidence you need to get started. If you are a highly experienced professional coach you will find what you need here to sharpen your tools. People that attend this course for fun will discover amazingly effective people skills they can use to improve their connections in every arena of life.


Coaching from the Heart is an excellent training that you can attend for a very modest fee. It is an investment that will pay dividends over the rest of your life and career.     


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Saturday, May 30th   12-7pm

Sunday, May 31st     12-7pm


Tuition: $200


"Carly is not only one of the best coaches that I know, but also one of the finest people I have ever met.  We have been working together for over 10 years now and I have watched her create miracles in her private life and with her associates.  Carly doesn’t only teach these communication tools, she lives them. I would recommend that anybody who wants a better connection with men, take the How To Talk to Men seminar with Dr. Carly Smith." ~ Mia Sage, CEO Sage University