Feminine Mystique with Mia Sage!

 A woman who is happy feels attractive, passionate, kind, vibrant and soulful. While most women today have turned into experts at juggling their daily demands and responsibilities, many have lost touch with that sweet vibrant part of themselves.  Don’t let life make you hard. The Feminine Mystique is an invitation for you to take time off from your daily pressures and rejuvenate. Recharge your batteries, reinvent yourself and have fun by connecting honestly and intimately with other women.


This 3-day retreat is designed to genuinely assist you in finding the essential balance between business and pleasure— between adventure and fun. In an atmosphere of quiet luxury, your mind and body will unwind. While relaxing and enjoying profound dialogue with other great women you will discover the soft power of your feminine nature to create a new perspective for your life and business.


What you will gain from this seminar:


A clearer vision for yourself and your future.

More ease and pleasure in your business.

Deeper connections with people in your life.

A more gentle and balanced lifestyle.

Better understanding of your unique qualities and life purpose.

Greater peace at home.


Through insightful interviews we will explore what brings greater fulfillment to your life. And we will share our combined wisdom to help one another create lives of exciting adventure.


If you resonate with this message, please join us for this one-of-a-kind experience.


Join MIA SAGE for an amazing seminar in Houston, TX


Friday, April 10th       7-10pm

Saturday, April 11th   2-10pm

Sunday, April 12th     2-10pm


Tuition: $250 


Meet Mia Sage!

"Carly is not only one of the best coaches that I know, but also one of the finest people I have ever met.  We have been working together for over 10 years now and I have watched her create miracles in her private life and with her associates.  Carly doesn’t only teach these communication tools, she lives them. I would recommend that anybody who wants a better connection with men, take the How To Talk to Men seminar with Dr. Carly Smith." ~ Mia Sage, CEO Sage University