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Dance Fitness Class - Wednesdays 7:30-9pm

Join us for Wednesday night dance fitness classes! Every Wednesday from 7:30-9pm! Dance fitness for everyone! Can't find a babysitter? Bring the kids and dance the night away! Dance Fitness is not about learning to dance or following the leader. It is designed around your pleasure, your body and your fun! Good music, great women and a night of dancing and pleasure the way you want!

Wednesdays, July 1st, 7:30-9pm
Adults $10
Kids 12 and under FREE

How To Talk To Men - July 11-12th

Communication builds bridges of understanding between men and women. We all know how it feels when we reach deep connections with members of the opposite sex. Harmonious relationships yield peace, prosperity and passion for women who take the time to learn the language of love.

Too often communication between the sexes breaks down, leaving both men and women frustrated and angry. We have all been hurt by the words and actions of the other sex. When harsh words separate us from the very people we need, marriages break down, careers stall, and families lose vitality.

The How to Talk to Men weekend can give you the communication tools to build vibrant connections with the men in your life. You can learn to open the heart of your mate, win the trust of your business associates, and protect the aliveness of your sons.

This two-day workshop will open your eyes to the protective nature of men. You will learn how to win that warrior nature over to your side. You will also bond deeply with other curious women who are equally committed to unraveling the knots that can occur between the genders. This workshop employs enlightening conversations together with exciting role-play to reveal the breakdowns in your communication. Participants laugh, cry, and pour their hearts into the process of achieving fulfillment with men.

You will learn how to: 

➢ Focus your conversation on events rather than interpretations.

➢ Discover how to get your way by giving in.

➢ Explore self-destructive habits and behaviors.

➢ Develop an environment of unconditional love and acceptance.

➢ Reduce or eliminate conflict from your relationships.

➢ Forge a new basis for cooperation.

➢ Improve your feelings of self-esteem.

Take this chance to create positive change in your relationships. It will cost you two days and $200 to breathe new life into your connections with men.

Saturday, July 11th   12-8pm

Sunday, July 12th     12-8pm

What To Do With The Rest of Your Life - July 18-19th

 Whatever you love, somebody is making a living doing that very thing. You can learn to earn your living by living your dream.

What to Do With the Rest of Your Life is a three-day coaching experience that will assist you to find the pieces of your life puzzle and then put them together to design the career and lifestyle that fits you. As jobs disappear, you will be one of the fortunate people who has the tools to build your own future.

But most people have lost touch with what they love, and have given up hope of reaching that kind of fulfillment.

Every person has something that they can do supremely well, the thing they were born to do. If you find your vital function, and create the support system that allows you to perform that function freely, you can earn a good living, because you will be delivering tangible value to your fellow human beings.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts 

Your interview is the most essential part of this course because that's where you begin to discover unexpected desires and hidden talents. This delightful workshop uses a powerful feedback process to stimulate your curiosity, awaken your imagination and start your engines.

You learn how to notice what activities light you up. The actions that ignite your aliveness provide clues to help you assemble pieces of your life puzzle. As you discover your passions, they begin to awaken hidden abilities.

You will complete the workshop with a working hypothesis for a new life, and with new friends who are interested in your success.

Sage University created the What to Do With the Rest of Your Life course to help people transition from the job economy to the free agent entrepreneur economy. Here is where you will find the courage to listen to your own wisdom and to make choices you won't regret when you reflect back on your life. Register today to begin your new life.

Saturday, July 18th  12-8pm

Sunday, July 19th    12-8pm

Performance Camp - July 25-26th

Before you can move an audience, you have to unleash the aliveness within yourself. Speakers, leaders, coaches, and singers can improve their performances by learning to project the charisma that moves other people.

Musical, comedy, dance and other performance delivers the pulse and rhythm of high performance. Performance Camp is an exciting, innovative way to bring inner force to your public presentations.

In our world of cubicles and bench seating, we have slipped into a culture of spectators. Few people find the courage to step up to the microphone and enjoy the wonderful feeling that comes from putting everything on the line.

Performance Camp is a 2-day training for people who want to play together as a team to create a musical event that transcends perceived limitations. On the business side you learn innovative approaches to project management and how to conduct dynamic team meetings. On the artistic side, you learn to bring out the best in yourself by dissolving into the power of team spirit.

This musical seminar will provide some of the most exciting days of your life. You will find the confidence to follow your desires and create a high energy performance together as a team to close the seminar!

If you are ready to unleash your flair and discover how it feels to live the peak experience, join us for this uplifting seminar.

Saturday, July 25th 12-8pm

Sunday, July 26th  12-8pm

"Carly is not only one of the best coaches that I know, but also one of the finest people I have ever met.  We have been working together for over 10 years now and I have watched her create miracles in her private life and with her associates.  Carly doesn’t only teach these communication tools, she lives them. I would recommend that anybody who wants a better connection with men, take the How To Talk to Men seminar with Dr. Carly Smith." ~ Mia Sage, CEO Sage University